Indian Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists and Techologists


There are three types of memberships:
  • Ordinary member
  • Life member
  • Member Fellow

Fees for above mentioned membership:

Ordinary member -
Admission fee Rs. 200 or $ 10( one time)
Annual subscription Rs. 250 or $25

Life member -
Admission fee Rs. 200 or $10
Life time subscription Rs. 3000 or $50

Member Fellow -
Admission fee Rs. 200 or $10 (one time)
Subscription Rs. 2500 or $100 (one time)

The person has to apply to the Secretary with his complete CV and list of publications along with attested copies of degree certificates, membership application form (if not a member) and fees. The application will be discussed in the executive committee meeting and if approved the persons will be awarded as fellow of the association. For application for fellow member, the persons must have at least 10 years professional experience along with the qualification.

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For further reference:

Visit us: 24B, Selimpur Lane, Kolkata - 700031

Send fax: 0091-33-24146677

E-mail us: support@iapst.com or iapst@iapst.com

All correspondence should be made only to: Dr. Biswajit Mukherjee, Hon. Secretary, IAPST, Department of Pharmaceutical Technology, Jadavpur University, Kolkata 700032.


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