Indian Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists and Techologists


IAPST - In short

An association of top class pharma - scientists and technologists to assist each other and pharmaceutical industries to flourish the pharmaceutical profession.

We have various discussion groups to assist you:

Oral liquid preparation, Semisolid dosage form, Sterile product, Biological products Biotechnological products, GMP update and ISO certification group, Different drug rules and regulation, Pharmacology and therapeutics, Medical Microbiology group, Applied biochemistry group, Pharmaceutical Engineering and Technology group, Community Pharmacy group, Clinical pharmacy group, Biopharmaceutics group, Pharmaceutical and Medicinal Chemistry group, Pharmacognosy and Phytomedicine group, Product development group, Patent Awareness and Guidance group.

  • We explore the views of the experts in this field.
  • We highlight the problems along with possible solutions faced by the professionals in this field.


IAPST Lifetime Achievement Award 2014
Prof.(Dr.) Peter Bannasch
IAPST Lifetime Achievement Award 2012
Prof. N. K. Jain
IAPST Lifetime Achievement Award 2011
Prof.(Dr.) C.K. Kokate
IAPST Lifetime Achievement Award 2010
Dr. Himadri Sen
IAPST Lifetime Achievement Award 2008
Prof. Ashutosh Kar

Organisational Member of International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP)

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